The Bug Out Bag Resource List – Covering the Best Sources Online

The information below is an extensive list on Bug Out Bags I’ve curated to help me with my Bug Out Bag preparations. If you need a guide to help you get started with your Bug Out Bag without scouring the interwebs for hours, then hopefully this will help you as it did me. It is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list of resources. I know there are likely other resources available out there that would add significant quality to this list. I’ve read and gathered useful information from all the sources on this list. This is a living resource that will be constantly updated with the best and most up to date content available. If you know of a resource that I missed, and I’m sure I’ve missed some, please let me know in the comments. If you are wanting to put together a Bug Out Bag and don’t know where to start, dive in below.

What Is a Bug Out Bag – General Information

“These Guides are intended to provide some inspiration and suggestions for what type of equipment that you can use, but building a Bug Out Bag that will truly work for you is more complicated than just following a checklist.” – Sibi Totique

Bug Out Bags – Rural Revolution
How a Bug Out Bag Works – HowStuffWorks
Bug Out Bag Quest (Blog About BOBs) –
Building The Right Bug Out Bag for You – Sibi Totique
The Will to Act: Your Ultimate Bug Out Kit – Survival Blog Customer Discussions on Bug Out Bags –

Thoughts on Bug Out Bags

“My goal of this essay has been to encourage the armchair survivalists out there – you know who you are – to get out in the woods to practice woodcraft skills and evasion, and especially to condition yourselves to the hardships of living out of a BOB.” – Survival Blog

Rethinking a Bug Out Bag – Living Freedom
A Bug Out Bag Reality Check – Survival Blog
The Bug Out Bag – A Different Perspective – SHTF Blog
Why Your Bug Out Bag May Not Save You – Survival Goddess
The Most Important Thing You Should Consider When Creating a BOB – The Disaster Preparedness Blog

Experiences with Bug Out Bags

“The key here is to actually test your kits.  You can read government preparedness literature, other preparedness websites (like this one), and watch preparedness You Tube videos.  However, without actually getting out there and testing your kits, you won’t know what you’re forgetting and you won’t know how to use your equipment.” – The Survival Mom

The Bug out Bag – Daily Survival
Testing your B.O.B to your B.O.L. – American Preppers Network
My Bug Out Bag Was a Blessing During Tornados – Survival Blog
36 Lessons Learned From Testing a 72-Hour Kit (Bug Out Bag) – The Survival Mom

Examples of Bug Out Bags

“I created this kit from scratch, mostly out of stuff I had laying around, to prepare for hiking in Yosemite National Park. Now it rides in the trunk of my car. Not counting the Mora knife and the revolver, total out-of-pocket cost was about $30.” – AxMan

$30 Bug Out Bag – AxMan
Bug Out Survival Fire Kit – Willow Haven Outdoor
Light Weight Bug Out Bag – Sibi Totique
Three Tier Survival Gear Kits – Survival Cache
A Quasi-Military Bug Out Bag –
Light Weight Bug Out Bag Examples – Sibi Totique
The Italian Military Bad Ass Bug Out Bag – Survival Podcast
YouTube Videos of Bug Out Bag Contents – YouTube

Bug Out Bag Content and Essentials

“Imagine the following scenario. You are awakened in the middle of the night by the jolt of a powerful earthquake. Your house is leveled, but thankfully you and your family are uninjured. However, the roads are impassable, your utilities have been cut off, and many of your neighbors were injured or killed in the earthquake. The only thing you have to survive is what you have on hand, and because you are a Frugal Dad reader, your bug out bag.” – Frugal Dad

Top 10 Bug Out Tips – Bug Out Survival
The Ultimate BOB List – M.D. Creekmore
Bug Out Guide and Checklist – Sibi Totique
A New Look at Bug Out Bags – Preparadness Advice Blog
What to Pack in a Bug Out Bag – Squidoo
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How to Make a Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit – Art of Manliness

Urban Bug Out Bags

“An Urban environment can present different challenges than one would encounter in a wilderness setting. For this reason an Urban setting may require another set of skills, knowledge and equipment in order to deal with emergencies, disasters and survival situations.” – Sibi Totique

Urban Bug Out Bags – Sibi Totique
The Urban Bug Out Bag – The Urban Prepper

Bug Out Bags on a Budget

“If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to shell out on a retail bug-out bag, then you can create one yourself, and on a budget, by following these tips.” – The Debt

Building a Bug Out Bag on a Budget – Sibi Totique
Creating A Bug-Out Bag While On A Budget – The Debt
BOB On a Budget – A Bug Out Kit for Under $200 – SHTF Blog

Bug Out Bags for Women

“The purpose of this article is mainly to show discuss the small difference that exists between women and men and show some of the products that are especially designed for women.” – Sibi Totique

Wife’s Bug Out Bag (Video)  – The Survival Summary
Bug Out Bags for Women – Sibi Totique
An Early Baby Boomer’s Bug Out Bag – Survival Blog

Bug Out Bags for Children

“If you have ever taken your children on a car trip for an hour or longer, you know that special considerations need to be made. If they are bored after five minutes, what will happen in an extended bug out situation? Thinking about their needs and wants ahead of time will help an already stressful situation to not escalate into an impossible one.” – Pioneer Survival Blog

Kid’s Bug Out Bag (Video) – The Survival Summary
Kid’s Bug Out Bag – Pioneer Survival Blog
Bug Out Bags for Kids – Off Grid Survival
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Bug Out Bags for Sale

Bug Out Bags for Sale on Amazon – Amazon
Bug Out Bags for Sale at Nitro-Pak – Nitro-Pak